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How do DJ Mixers Work?

Are you an enthusiastic DJ that wants to get a new mixer but, isn’t completely sure how they work? If so, we will go through some great DJ mixers on the market and how they work. Having in-depth knowledge about DJ mixers will help you later in the future (thank us later).


What are DJ Mixers?

Put simply, a DJ mixer is an audio mixing console. Disc Jockeys also, known as DJs would use these consoles to manipulate and control numerous audio streams. DJs can control and tweak one audio signal individually to enhance the music, radio or TV audio. Other DJs like the ones you typically see in dance clubs use a DJ mixer to make seamless transitions from one song to the next. To make a seamless transition they usually match the beats per second.

Here’s a bonus fact, in 1935 the name disc jockey was used by an American radio commentator ‘Walter Winchell’. He put the words disc (referring to the records) and jockey (referring to the operator of the machine) together. Later, disc jockeys would be commonly known as DJs.


Is a DJ Mixer the Same as DJ Controller?

A DJ mixer and controller are not the same. A DJ mixer is a stand-alone device. It requires equipment like turntables or CDJs to plug into each channel before a DJ can mix the music. On the other hand, a DJ controller is an all-in-one device. For example, a DJ controller has built-in turntables and mixers. Having this built-in connection to the DJs software allows disc jockeys to mix music.

Picture of DJ playing the mixer

How do DJ Mixers Work?

DJ mixers connect to multiple types of equipment like guitar FX units, CDJs, DJ samplers, beat pads, vinyl turntables and more. The mixer simultaneously takes all the audio signals in and allows the DJ to edit each audio stream individually. It doesn’t matter if the user is using either EQ or FX controls. For example, the mixer allows the DJ to take control of the equalizer (EQ), channel levels and effects to blend songs together. The mixer is routed through a sound system so that the audience can hear what the DJ is playing.

Mixers today are all about taking your favourite song and then editing it. This could include adding new elements into the song like a new drumbeat, bassline, piano, and much more. In turn, it makes the song your own as your editing makes it unique.


Great Quality DJ Mixers

If you don’t want to break the bank the ‘Pioneer DDJ-200 House Party Smart Controller’ is the perfect option coming in at £139.

If you are a moderate DJ, then the ‘Pioneer DJM-450 2-Channel DJ Mixer with FX’ is a great option for you.

If you are a professional DJ, then the ‘Pioneer DJM-900NXS2 Pro 64-bit DJ Mixer Controller’ will fit you perfectly.


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