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How to Create the Best Laser Effect for your DJ Set

Are you an enthusiastic DJ that wants to improve your set-up? If so, laser beams should do the trick! But you can’t just plonk them anywhere. If you want the lasers to look professional and sharp, then read on and we’ll discuss how to create the best laser effect for your DJ set-up.


How Do Lasers Work?

Did you know that laser is an acronym that stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation? Don’t let those big words scare you because it’s quite simple. In 1917, Albert Einstein had such an understanding of light that he introduced the physics concept of the laser. To clarify, he didn’t invent the laser he just wrote the paper that introduced its principle. The laser was invented 43 years later.

Imagine that you have an atom. There’s an electron going around the atom and if you excite the electron it will bump to a higher level. Imagine it as rungs on a ladder. The electron wants to stay at that higher level however, the whole system wants to de-excite it. Depending on the energy level, atom and conditions the electron can stay at the higher level but only for a short amount of time before it de-excites. The electron gets excited and then calms down.

If you send light with the right amount of energy the electron will absorb the light which excites the electron and moves it to a higher level. Then the electron will release the light on the other side of the atom. The electron will de-excite and move to the lower level again. It turns out that if the photon (light) excited this energy level. If you shower the atom in photons (light), those photons will excite the atom and de-excite the atom. If you put the atom in a bath of photons it will happen quicker.

If you have a special cavity with two reflective sides like mirrors. When the photon of light is created, it can stay in there and go back and forth which gets magnified. If the medium has these kinds of atoms. This amplifies the excitement which creates a laser.


How to Create a Cool Laser Effect 

To create a laser effect to enhance your DJ set-up, you need to create a surface where the laser can reflect off. Fog or haze will reflect this light and it is common in nightclubs. The foggier the room is the more clearly you can see the lasers. That’s why DJs have the room foggy.

To create a professional effect, aim some lasers/ lights at the walls. DJs can use projectors to display images on the walls. This could be information, images of your brand, people, and more. Other lasers should point in the middle of the room/ throughout the room. This laser effect will blow the audience away. A few lasers should peer off to the side of the room so that when the audience looks at the DJ set it will look professional. Remember lasers can be placed behind the DJ. All to most of the lasers should be moving in some kind of way.

One cool laser effect is linking the lasers up to the DJ music to be in time with the music.


Equipment to create a laser effect

Fog machine – This machine will turn the fog liquid into the fog and squirt it out. Depending on the model you have, the fog machine can set a timer or connect to a device so that you can tell the machine when to let out the fog.

Fog liquid – This is for the fog machine.

Laser light systems – Have a look at the different kinds of lasers ranging from £59 to £449.

Moving heads – Moving lasers/ lights for DJs.


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