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How to Enhance Sound Quality on Your DJ Set

When playing a DJ set, sound quality is a key factor. Whether you use digital or analogue systems, low-quality tracks will always sound muddy and contribute to bringing down a mood you may have worked very hard to create. Unfortunately, creating sound quality isn’t always quite as easy as turning up a slider and watching the file size go up, and you’re likely going to have to make tangible changes to your set or the process in which you extract music in order to see a real difference.

At the end of the day, sound quality gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your skills as a DJ and can go a long way in creating a more pleasant listening experience in most venues, especially in those frequented by audiophiles. Below is a list of tips for improving the sound quality on your DJ set.


Lossless Sound Files

Even though they tend to be far larger than their lossy counterparts, lossless sound files are far higher in quality with some file types even surpassing the resolution of CD quality. The main disadvantage of lossless formats is that they take up far more storage space which can quickly drain the space on an external hard drive or laptop. It’s always recommended that as a DJ you carry a good number of back-up playlists as well as individual tracks in case something goes wrong with your set and you need to make a speedy switch. If you’re stacked up on lossless sound files, you’re likely not going to be able to carry anywhere near as many back-ups or may need to invest in additional storage devices to access your full music library.


Use of CD

While seen as an outdated medium by some, CDs are still very much in circulation due to how practical they are. While there are higher quality options on the market, CD still serves as the cornerstone of measuring quality; the reason why so many DJs around the globe still make use of CD and CD decks.

With many newer DJ mixers having a focus on digital music rather than physical, before making a large investment on CD music you may wish to check that your system is comfortable running a variety of CD types.


High Quality DJ Equipment

No matter how skilled of a DJ you are, getting great sound quality out of dated equipment can be a real struggle. The world of DJ equipment is a rapidly changing one and new tech coming to the forefront is a regular occurrence; of course, always going for the newest piece of kit is likely going to leave a sizable dent in your wallet so we recommend that you only make the switch when you’re missing out on features or feel a need to upgrade.


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