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Lighting Make the World of Difference to your DJ Setup

We’ve all seen professional lighting within concerts and parties but, how important is lighting to your DJ setup? Must you have the perfect light setup for your DJ set, or can music be enough? Read on below to find out.


Is Lighting Essential?

Depending on the DJ lighting within a room, it can change the atmosphere/ mood. Most restaurants consider their lighting carefully to maximise customers staying times. An example of this is fast-food restaurants. The lighting in these restaurants is usually bright to make the customer feel more alert which means they will eat and be out the door quicker. Whereas restaurants that want customers to stay longer, use warmer, low-intensity lighting to make the consumer feel relaxed. A relaxing mood from lighting is created by using wall lighting instead of light directly coming down from the ceiling.

Depending on the lighting conditions will depend on the mood. This means that lighting is essential when creating an energetic mood. Your DJ setup should include some lights to create a better mood.


How to Create an Energetic Atmosphere?

The right music with high-quality DJ lighting complements each other perfectly. Creating an energetic atmosphere with high levels of lighting will make your audience happy. It will increase alertness, especially with moving lights but this is what you want. If you want your audience to be energetic but a bit relaxed/ comfortable. Studies have found that blue lights lead to post-stress relaxation, 2 – 3 times faster than white lighting. Blue light has calming effects.

DJ lights like lasers, moving heads, disco lights and much more will all add to the energetic atmosphere. Using a fog machine like the ‘Chauvet Hurricane 1400’ will enhance the lasers so that your audience can see them all around the room.

DJ Mixer that is lit up

DJ Lighting Products to Create Energetic Atmosphere


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