CD Decks

Any DJ will tell you that the CD Decks are an important part of their set up. They’re a contemporary way of mixing and performing using audio tracks on a digital optical disc data storage format. There are two distinctive data formats, audio files and data files. Many CD DJ decks offer complete control in similar ways to turntables and to reconstruct the feel of vinyl. Here at 4DJ, we have a specially selected range of CD DJ Decks to create the ultimate DJ mix.

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The Value of CD

While the popularity of CD has somewhat depreciated in recent years, it is still an integral music storage vehicle for many DJs around the globe. There are a myriad of benefits to utilising CD within your DJ set and they are more than an adequate substitute for vinyl and even streaming.


Sound Quality

As a DJ, sound quality is everything. While there are plenty of online streaming solutions that promise loss-less audio, the most common subscription services (Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music) have nowhere near the sound quality of a CD. The same can be said of vinyl even if some audiophiles argue that the delicate nature of the vinyl adds to the breadth of the music. Overall, the 1,411 kbps offered by the traditional CD far surpasses the 32 kbps of the vinyl and even the 320 kbps offered by a streaming platform such as Spotify.



The practicality of music streaming is hard to match. You can’t exactly damage your music if it’s all digital. If you’ve bought into the popularity of vinyl on the other hand, you might find that they are worryingly easy to damage. CDs are a great halfway point by still offering that physical attachment to your music while being robust enough to be carried around safely. They are also far less likely to scratch and will likely keep sounding great even after countless hours of playtime.



As a DJ, there is nothing worse than something going wrong with your set. While it’s becoming less and less likely that you’re going to stumble into a venue without a proper internet connection, there is still the chance you might not be able to access the high speeds you require to stream uninterrupted. Due to this, many modern DJs prefer to curate their sets using CD or Vinyl.


Premium CD Player Decks Online

Looking for high-quality CDJ decks for your set? Whether you’re searching for a Gemini CDMP or a Pioneer CDJ, we have the CD DJ Decks to help you create the perfect mixes. We are privileged to stock some of the largest DJ equipment retailers on the market. Cannot find the CD Player Deck on our website? Get in touch with our team and they can find the CD Decks for you.


Here at 4DJ, we understand that CD Decks are an expensive piece of equipment, this is why we are in partnership with DivideBuy who is an Interest-Free Credit provider. This allows you to spread the cost from 3 to 12 months when buying your CDJ Decks.