DJ Stands

A high-quality DJ stand can make your sets so much easier. Providing a good view and level of access to your laptop or DJ equipment, as well as helping organise your set, a DJ stand is a must for DJ’s. Here at 4DJ, we know that you may need a certain size of DJ stand depending on your set-up preference. That is why we sell a range of DJ stands suitable for laptops, mixers, DJ controllers and more. Our range includes some great DJ equipment brands such as QTX & Ibiza Sounds.

Venue Types for DJ Stands 

Regardless of whether you’re composing in your bedroom or performing in front of thousands, a DJ stand is a key part of any set. Keeping your equipment well organised and within reach allows you quicker access and saves you those vital few seconds between tracks. Designed to be used within a range of environments and venues, the DJ stands available from 4DJ are versatile enough to flawlessly complement any and every type of performance.



When working within a club, versatility is key. Not every set you’re likely to come across will be identical and you will frequently have to break your preferred formation in order to cater to the space you have available. Adaptability is at the heart of our DJ stands with many being highly customisable, enough to fit comfortably in even the most awkward of spaces. Using the club’s mixer? No problem, our stands can be raised and lowered so you don’t have to worry about unintentionally pressing something.



The last thing you want to do when attending a wedding as a DJ is to encroach on their aesthetic with an industrial-style DJ stand. Not only do we offer a multitude of stand colours to flawlessly complement the mood, but we also provide stand covers for a more uniform appearance.


Around the Home

While there may be a strong inclination to leave your device wherever when at home, this can actively harm the quality of your performance. Making use of a DJ stand – be it for a laptop or speaker – can help you build up habits that will make you appear more professional when performing in front of an audience.


At 4DJ many of our clients are experienced DJs with established followings, many of whom make use of our DJ stands regardless of where they are performing. For more information about our DJ stands as well as advice on how they might benefit you, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team at 4DJ.


UK Wide DJ Stand Equipment Suppliers

We sell our DJ stands, equipment, and accessories at the UK’s lowest prices, so you can get a cheap deal using our price promise. If you find our DJ stand products cheaper elsewhere, let us know to get the best deals in the UK. Give us a call on 0121 693 1941 to talk to our DJ stand equipment specialists.