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Are you a UK based vinyl DJ? If so, our range of DJ decks, turntables and vinyl record players are sure to get you excited. We sell the best-quality professional vinyl DJ brands and products at the lowest prices in the UK, thanks to our DJ equipment price promise service. If you find any of our vinyl decks, turntables or any other vinyl DJ equipment or accessories cheaper elsewhere, let us know and we’ll make you a great deal. Here at 4DJ, we sell a useful range of vinyl DJ accessories, including vinyl turntable cartridges and stylus’, slip mats, cleaning kits & more.

Premium DJ Vinyl Decks Online

Vinyl DJ equipment is a key component of a DJ’s set. You may think that using vinyl is a step backwards in time, however, it still has a place in the modern DJ world. There are some important basics that DJs learn when they are using vinyl. For example, understanding touch, scratching and back-cueing. Whatever, Vinyl equipment you’re looking for, we have got you covered, with our selection of high-quality DJ vinyl sets. Have a question about any of our products? Call on our specialist team on 0121 693 1941.

We understand that DJ Vinyl Equipment can be dear, this is why we have partnered with DivideBuy who is an Interest-Free Credit provider. This lets you spread the cost from 3 to 12 months when buying your DJ vinyl equipment.