DJ Lighting

With all the numerous DJ Mixers, Decks and Players available on the market you would be forgiven for spending less time considering some of the extras for your set such as DJ lighting. As is the case with most extra DJ equipment, DJ lighting goes a long way in curating an engaging set that’ll keep your audience hooked from start to finish. View our full range of DJ lighting equipment at 4DJ below.

The days of swinging beams are over, make way for high-powered lasers, LEDs, as well as various other DJ lighting solutions. Regardless of the size of your venue, 4DJ offers the perfect DJ lighting solution for you.


What is DJ Lighting?

Designed to be integrated within various environments such as bars, festivals and discos, DJ lighting adds party atmosphere to any venue through flashing lights and various other effects. Available in a range of designs and styles, DJ lighting is a highly versatile tool in a DJ’s arsenal and is often the go-to when looking to create a lasting impression on the audience.


Can You Sync DJ Lighting with Music?

Many modern DJ lighting solutions have an in-built microphone which can pick up on sound across the room; this allows for slowing up or speeding up of effects as well as the changing of colours in time with the music. Many systems also offer pre-programmed configurations based on music genres and tempos as well as bespoke customisations that allow a DJ to put together a unique combination of colours and effects.


How Do I Get the Most of My DJ Lighting?

Getting the best out of your DJ lighting system is pretty easy since they are all designed to be as intuitive as possible. Of course, there are several things you can do to make sure that your DJ lighting system is given the chance to shine.

  • Environment – Since DJ lighting uses light and effects to create a unique atmosphere, it’s best if there is as little external light interference as possible. If you’re performing during the day, try and keep the venue as dark as possible. You may also wish to use dark drapes or material on walls to bring out the full range of colours your DJ lighting system can offer.
  • Music Integration – A DJ lighting system is at its best when working in tandem with the music being played. Match up any effects and colours to the beat and theming of the music to sprinkle the venue with a bit of magic.
  • Work in Some Extras – When curating a set using DJ lighting, why not also add some extras? Smoke machines for example create a mist through which flashing lights and laser beams look even better.


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