Atmospheric Effects

Creating atmosphere is an important part of any DJ’s set. You might have the best mixes, but what does it matter if the audience isn’t feeling your vibe? Atmospheric effects such as those making use of a fog machine or a snow machine can go a long way in engrossing your audience and creating a truly unforgettable set. Coming in all different shapes and sizes, atmospheric effects are gaining much traction in the DJ world and are now a staple of performances taking place within various venues, or even the home. Get your smoke machine, snow machine or other atmospheric effects equipment at 4DJ today.

Fog Machine

When paired with a laser lighting system, a fog machine becomes an iconic piece of kit. By heating up fog liquid, a fog machine creates a thick haze for dreamy and engrossing atmospheric effects.


Smoke Machine

Working in a similar way to a fog machine, a smoke machine heats liquid to produce a thick smoke effect. Perfect for engrossing your audience and making them forget that they’re standing in the middle of a regular bar or dancefloor.


Snow Machine

Maybe not as widely used as a fog machine or smoke machine, a snow machineas the name implies – is a device that creates artificial snow. It typically consists of a compressor, a snow gun, and a snow making reservoir. The snow gun releases a stream of compressed air and water, which combine to create snow.


If you’re unsure of what kind of atmospheric effects would enhance your set, why not get in touch with a member of the 4DJ team for some advice. Our experts have a comprehensive knowledge of the DJ market and can provide guidance as to the equipment you might want to use.


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