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Hercules P32 DJ Unique dual deck USB controller


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Hercules P32 DJ Unique dual deck USB controller is a sub-controller for Juiced DJ enabling you to fire off samples and effects without the need of touching your mouse.

A bit like others that you will see on the market but a fraction of the cost and the use of another software platform the Hercules P32 DJ is the perfect solution for DJ’s that are looking for that extra bit of creativity out of a computer controller.

Want to know more?

A unique, all-in-one controller at the crossroads of DJing and performance

With 2 decks, screens displaying the sizes of loops, effects racks, equalizers and more, Hercules P32 DJ is perfectly designed for mixing.
Add in the two grids of 16 pads, sample packs integrated within DJUCEDTM 40°, the slip and quantize smart functions… and you have a package with all the advantages of performance.
No compromise – Hercules P32 DJ represents the optimization of 2 worlds of DJing in a single unique controller.

The thrill of instant creative mixing: Play. Remix. Perform.

The perfect combination of body and spirit.
Hercules P32 DJ features 32 ergonomic and responsive pads for precise performance and high-quality feel.
the intelligence of the DJUCEDTM 40° DJing software lets you keep the rhythm and the structure of tracks intact, no matter what you’re doing.
All the features to mix and remix are at your fingertips.
Your only task: focus on the fun of creating.

Develop your onstage presence

Being a DJ is much more than just technical skills and creating a playlist: it also involves your ability to put on a show.
Hercules P32 DJ lets you develop your signature sound, and your visual presentation.
The combination of pads, dynamic backlighting and sample packs helps you refine your identity as a DJ.