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Kam KWM 1960 V2 BP

Kam KWM1960 BP V2 is a professional grade, UHF, Dual Bodypack, wireless microphone system; ideal for performers, dance instructors, schools, colleges, universities and much more.



Included with Kam’s KWM1960 BP is 2 x bodypack transmitters, 1 x Multi-channel UHF PLL receiver, 2 x pro headset mics, 2 x lavalier/lapel microphones, 2 x instrument leads, 1 x PSU/audio cable, and free batteries for the bodypacks.

The efficient battery consumption design means that you can rely on KWM1960 to perform to the highest of standards, continuously for up to 5 hours. You also have a striking 50-meter wireless working distance, which is more than enough for any sized event. Last but not least, KWM works on UHF band to avoid frequency interference and has an automatic scan feature which searches for only the best available frequencies.


-Multi-channel UHF PLL receiver and 2 bodypack transmitters
-Large backlit display with multiple status indicators
-ACT infrared pairing of bodypacks to receiver
-2 x balanced XLR outputs
-1 x unbalanced 6.35mm jack mixed output
-Includes receiver, 2 x bodypacks, 2 x headset mics,
-2 x lavalier/lapel mics 2 x guitar/instrument leads,
-plus batteries, PSU and audio cable
-High efficiency battery consumption design
-2 x adjustable/removable high gain antenna
-Two systems can be connected for 19 inch rackmount
-Working distance: 50 meters
-Continuous usage: 5 hours


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