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Numark NS7 III

The Numark NS7 III builds upon the previous NS7 II and continues Numarks ''best of both worlds'' approach by fusing the power of a Serato DJ-managed digital music library with the responses of a professional DJ turntable.


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Delivering real time visual feedback of Serato DJ via three vibrant 4.3” full-colour screens. Two screens provide moving waveforms, playhead, deck and FX status. Whilst a third, central screen gives a dedicated view of the DJ’s track library and can be switched to display stackable waveforms for complete beat matching control.

The NS7 III includes an integrated, four-channel audio mixer, along with touch activated controls and Akai Professional MPC performance pads found on the NS7 II. A stealth black-on-black colour-way and discreet connections make setup clean and simple. The NS7 III is plug and play compatible with Serato DJ – no additional purchase of the software is required and is Serato NoiseMap ready. The three full-colour screens mean that now the DJ can manage all critical performance elements with the source laptop out of sight or closed altogether, letting him/her focus on the music.

The NS7 III is a fire breathing, three-headed performance dragon. It delivers the sought-after feel of a turntable and the flexibility of the Serato DJ while offering a wide-open window to the crowd. Using it is quite possibly the most fun you’ll ever have with as a DJ.” – Chris Roman, Numark Senior Product Manager.

-Premium Serato DJ Controller With 3 High-resolution Colour Screens.
-The Screens Provide 1:1 Real Time Feedback.
-Dedicated Track Library Screen With Corresponding Navigation Controls.
-4 Decks Of Serato DJ Software Control; Built-in 4 Channel Audio Mixer.
-Touch-activated Knobs Produce Groundbreaking Control Of Filters, EQ, And More.
-16 Velocity-sensitive Akai Professional MPC Pads With Backlit RGB Feedback.
-10 Pad Modes For Hot Cues, Loops, Song Slicing, And Sample Triggering.
-Dedicated 3-way Touch Activated Filter Knob On Each Channel.
-Dedicated Touch Activated Control Of Serato’s 12 Professional iZotopeĀ® FX.
-Built-in Professional 24-bit USB 2.0 Audio Interface.
-Zone/Booth Outputs And Balanced XLR Outputs For Club Use.
-Rugged, Road-worthy Metal Construction.
-Serato NoiseMap Ready For Use With Extended DVS Setups.
-Plug And Play With Serato DJ (Included) – No Upgrade Required.


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