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Numark Party Mix DJ Controller with Built In Light Show


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Numark Party Mix 2 channel DJ controller with built in lighting effects and that makes the Party Mix the ultimate house party controller. It connects directly to your laptop and works with Virtual DJ.

With the built in pad section this makes it very easy to control Effect, loops and the sampler adding some real skills to your mix just like a pro!

A bit more info

Let’s get this party started!

No matter what your skill level you can get any party started with the Party Mix! This is an amazing DJ Controller that connects directly to your laptop and lets you play and mix all of your favorite songs and videos with the included DJ software. Mix, blend and create just the right mood with this 2-channel DJ controller that empowers you to rock the house. Preview your mix in your headphones before you crossfade the music to your speakers—like a pro! With Party Mix, you can manually sync the beat (or auto sync) and blend your songs with your playlist.

DJ like a Pro!

You are going to love having all the professional DJ features that come with Party Mix. Each deck is ready with four cue points with readily accessible pads for effects. You can toggle through the Pad Mode and find your auto loop functions and create loops on 8, 4, 2 and 1-bar phrases. You can add instant effects to your music and you can toggle through and find your sampler for access to pre-loaded samples and drums or add your own(4 on each side).

Bring on the lights!

The three LED light arrays sync to your mix, flashing from the back of the Party Mix, illuminating your performance. You can leave them on or turn them off, whatever you like. They add a cool dimension to your performance, moving to the beat, setting the perfect party mood.


Party Mix includes Virtual DJ LE to make mixing your music, videos, and even Karaoke tracks fun! You have absolute control with Party Mix on how you want to mix, blend, loop add effects and sample. Manage your music, using your iTunes playlists or put together great playlists and create your mixes.

Technical Specifications

Party Balls 3 LED arrays with five light modes

1. VirtualDJ color-controlled (default when powered on)
2. VirtualDJ beat-controlled
3. Fixed-timing random
4. All on
5. Off


– RCA stereo pair (master)
– 1/8” TRS (headphone)

– Power – via USB connection
– Dimensions (width x depth x height): 12.8” x 7.75” x 2.0”
– Weight – 1.75 lbs

Box Contents

– Party Mix
– Software Download Card
– User Guide
– Safety & Warranty Manual


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