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Wharfedale PMX 500 Portable Powered Mixer


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Wharfedale PMX 500 Portable Powered Mixer is a class-leading lightweight, compact and portable powered mixer. Class D amplification technology means the amplifier is portable yet powerful with built-in digital FX this is a time and space saving powered mixer perfect for the mobile performer.

Want to know more?

More Power, Less Weight.

Designed to be a perfect balance of portability and power the PMX 500 is suitable for use in a wide range of portable sound applications. It’s everything you need to mix and amplify microphones and line level sources is included in one box, with an ergonomic carry handle to aid transportation. The one box concept also speeds up your setup time and allows you to start your performance quicker than ever before.

Digital FX

The PMX 500 features built-in digital FX processing, expanding your creativity and improving your sound quality without the need for additional expensive and often cumbersome processors. A graphic EQ allows fine-tuning of the overall mix.

Technical Specification


– Channels – 5
– Inputs – 4 x XLR, 5 x 6.3mm jack, 2 x RCA Phono
– Outputs – 2 x NL4 (SpeakON compatible) combi Jack, 2x RCA, 6.3mm jack
– Power – 150W RMS 4Ω
– Channel EQ – 2 Band
– FX – 16 Effects (Hall1; Hall2; Room1; Room2; Room3; Plate Reverb1; Plate Reverb2; Plate Reverb3; Chorus; Flange; Delay1; Delay2; Chorus/Room1; Chorus/Room2; Vocal Cancel; Rotary Speaker)
– Phantom Power – Yes
– Noise – ±15dB maximum
– Graphic equalizer – 7 Band Graphic EQ (60Hz, 120Hz, 480Hz, 1KHz, 4KHz, 8KHz, 16KHz) ±12dB Gain
– Display – Power, Limit, Signal and Status LEDs
– Dimensions – 392 x 261 x 243mm
– Net Weight – 4.65 / 10.33lbs


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