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Should I Have Beginner DJ Lessons?

The artform that is DJing has seen great developments in recent years. With the introduction of more digital tools as well as great strides in overall mixer and equipment functionality, creating your very own brand of music has never been easier. While recent years have made DJing more accessible that ever, they have also added to the complexity of the skill; staring down a modern DJ set can be an anxiety inducing activity and at a professional level you’re likely to encounter whole tables worth of gear and wiring. Of course, not everyone’s goal is to be professional, and it’s perfectly acceptable to take on the role of the DJ solely as a hobby. Regardless of what your destination is, DJ lessons are frequently discussed at all levels of the industry with many having greatly different opinions on whether they’re a must, or a mustn’t.


Current Point and Destination  

If you’re just starting out as a DJ, your level is likely going to be far different from someone who has considered it a hobby for a little while. Even at a beginner level, the skills of an aspiring DJ might vary greatly; there are some who are going to want to learn right from the start, while others will already have a basic understanding of some entry level skills and techniques. There’s no point to getting lessons that are either too simple, or too complex for you. A teacher should always look to vary their curriculum to cater to your current skillset.

Another factor to consider is your end goal; where do you want to get to with DJing? Generally, people form two groups with one looking to learn DJing as a hobby and the other looking to go professional. DJ lessons tend to be very good at giving you a comprehensive idea of how-to DJ with a strong focus on establishing solid foundations, something that is absolutely key for those looking to go professional. On the other hand, more casual DJs may get far more enjoyment out of learning the basics themselves; after all, figuring out your own style is half the fun.


The Alternatives

The world of DJing is now far more accessible than ever. Through the internet and video streaming platforms such as YouTube, DJ videos are easily accessible and can offer up many of the same benefits a lesson might. Of course, learning through a video is unlikely to be as effective as having a dedicated teacher but serves as an affordable alternative.

Whether you choose to have beginner DJ lessons or not should very much depend on where you want to get to. Access to a specialist is always a benefit but can certainly take some of the fun out of the hobby.


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