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The Importance of Lighting for a DJ

You may think that the DJ’s only job is to just put on the music and stand around doing nothing. This is far from the truth, a DJ creates an atmosphere and an experience for people. If your DJ is not interactive or engaging with the people around you then they are not doing their job properly. When you are booking a DJ for an event it is important to consider the lighting, if the correct lighting is not in place then they could be playing the best songs in world but if everyone is being blinded by bright lights none of it will matter!

If you are looking for quality DJ lighting for an event or club then be sure to browse through our DJ lighting products here at 4DJ.

Creating Atmosphere

The importance of lighting for a DJ can be seen by the way the use it to create an atmosphere. Whether the DJ is trying to create a rave like atmosphere or alternatively try to create a romantic mood, they can do this through the use of the lighting. For example, quick flashing lights paired with base filled music will really create a bouncy and exited atmosphere. On the other hand, you would have slow moving red or blue lights for a first dance of a couple at their wedding which will be accompanied by slow or romantic music.

Light Manipulation

One of the benefits that a DJ has to controlling the lights is the way they can manipulate them to make a room look different. You will understand what we mean by this if you have been to a nightclub and have seen the main lights come on, the room may suddenly feel empty as you are taken out of the experience. A DJ can make you feel that you are at a live concert in a large filed or arena with the right lighting tricks.

Ensuring People Have Fun

The main role for a DJ is to entertain the guests and party-goers in clubs and events. If people are not entertained then they will be really bored and either leave the event or club or just never pay for this experience again. A good DJ should be able to put on a display to keep audiences entertained in the music and having a good time.

A way to do this is with the lighting, especially when working at a children’s party. Children tend to lose focus rather easily yet filling a room with alternating coloured lights may encourage them to get onto the dance floor and enjoy themselves. A DJ can sync there song choices to the music as well which can get these children even more exited as they may turn this into a little game for themselves.

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